Image Licensing Policy

Effective Date: May 10, 2006

Matt Terry Photography, a photography and media company, offers a range of high-quality images for various purposes. This Image Licensing Policy outlines the terms and conditions under which you may use and license our images. By accessing and using our images, you agree to comply with this policy.

1. Licensing Overview

1.1 License Types: We offer different types of licenses, including but not limited to:

  • Standard License: This license grants you the right to use the image for personal or commercial purposes with certain restrictions (see section 2).
  • Extended License: This license provides additional usage rights beyond those included in the standard license.

1.2 Usage Restrictions: Regardless of the type of license you acquire, you may not:

  • Use the image in a manner that is defamatory, obscene, or unlawful.
  • Sell, sublicense, or distribute the image as a standalone product.
  • Use the image in a way that implies endorsement or affiliation with any third party.
  • Use the image in a way that competes with Matt Terry Photography.

2. Standard License Terms

2.1 Scope: A standard license allows you to use the image for personal or commercial purposes, subject to the restrictions outlined below.

2.2 Usage Restrictions: With a standard license, you may:

  • Use the image in digital or print media, including websites, social media, advertising, and promotional materials.
  • Modify the image as needed for your specific purposes.

2.3 Number of Users: A standard license typically covers a single user or organization. If multiple users within your organization require access to the image, each user should obtain a separate license.

2.4 Usage Limits: Standard licenses are subject to certain usage limits, including limits on print runs, website visitors, and social media impressions. Exceeding these limits may require an extended license.

3. Extended License Terms

3.1 Scope: An extended license provides broader usage rights than a standard license, subject to the terms outlined in this policy.

3.2 Usage Rights: With an extended license, you may:

  • Use the image for unlimited purposes, including resale, merchandise, templates, and more.
  • Share the image with employees or contractors working on your projects.

3.3 Duration: An extended license may have a duration limit, after which you may need to renew the license for continued usage.

4. Payment and Fees

4.1 Payment: To obtain a license, you must pay the applicable fee as specified on our website or as agreed upon with Matt Terry Photography.

4.2 Refunds: We do not offer refunds for image licenses unless there is a material defect in the image or the licensing terms have been violated.

5. Attribution

While not always required, we appreciate attribution for images used under our licenses. Attribution should include the phrase “Image by Matt Terry Photography” with a link to our website.

6. Image Ownership

All images remain the property of Matt Terry Photography or its licensors. Image licenses grant you certain rights to use the images but do not transfer ownership.

7. Contact Us

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding our Image Licensing Policy, please contact us.

Matt Terry Photography reserves the right to modify or amend this Image Licensing Policy at any time without notice, so please review it frequently. Your continued use of our images after changes to this policy will constitute your acceptance of such changes.